What is White Spots on your Teeth?

If you have recently noticed any kind of white spots on your teeth then you might have asked yourself “what causes white markings on my teeth” and “what is the possible treatment of these white spots on my teeth”? White teeth are a sign of good oral health and can make your smile look clean and healthy. Unfortunately, some people develop pesky little white spots on their teeth, which makes their smiles look unhealthy. Although a dentist can address the problem, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the causes, prevention and possible treatments

What are the Common causes of white spots on your Teeth?

There are several possible causes of white spots or stains on my teeth. Listed below are a few surprising causes of those noticeable spots

1. Calcium Deficiency

Everyone knows that calcium is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in the development of healthy enamel. But if your body isn’t getting the adequate amount of calcium required for enamel growth then it may fall victim and develop white stains. Fortunately, these white spots on your teeth can be addressed and avoided by including calcium-rich food items such as milk, spinach, almonds, and broccoli in your diet. Your dentist may also recommend calcium supplements.

2. Dental Fluorosis

While fluoride is a mineral vital to healthy tooth enamel, too much fluoride is damaging and can cause fluorosis which is a condition characterized by white spots on your teeth. Fluorosis is a common issue among children, so monitor their use of fluoride-containing toothpaste and mouthwash. Although children are more susceptible to this issue, it can occur in adults and creates a chalky, white discoloration on the surface of the teeth. 

3. Smoking during Pregnancy

Here comes another example of the negative side effects of smoking tobacco. If you smoked tobacco while you were pregnant, you run the risk of damaging your unborn baby’s teeth. Tobacco product use during pregnancy can cause a condition called “enamel hypoplasia,” which results in white spots on the teeth. So, save your baby from white spots by quitting smoking or at least avoid using tobacco products while you are pregnant.

Treatment of White Spots on Teeth

One of the questions almost all dental professionals often hear is, “What is the right treatment of unusual white spots on my teeth? If you are concerned about white spots on your teeth, talk to your dentist about having your teeth whitened. Some dentists suggest in-office teeth white cleaning treatment or offer home teeth whitening kits which are both affordable and convenient options. However, this may not be suitable for all patients, especially those with dental fluorosis. In such cases, the white spots become impossible or hard to remove, and veneers can be a great option to restore your smile so make sure to eat healthy foods to prevent your dental health to avoid this causes.

Prevention of white spots on your Teeth

Preventing white spots on your teeth starts with good dental hygiene. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice every day and floss regularly, especially after meals. Stick to a nutritious diet that is low in sugar and acid. Regular dental visits can go a long way to keep your dental health in check and catch any dental complications as they start. A dentist will suggest a helpful dental hygiene routine and great lifestyle habits that will keep your teeth white. 

Wrapping up

By integrating proper oral hygiene practices and following preventive measures, you can rest assured to stay steps ahead of any dental issues including white spots, tooth decay, and even gum disease.