All You Need to Know About Causes of Yellow Teeth

Let’s face it, we all want to have sparkling white teeth. But, sadly, a lot of different factors, both avoidable and unavoidable, can result in the yellowing or darkening of teeth. While yellow teeth do not indicate a serious medical condition, they can make an individual self-conscious. There are several types of tooth discoloration, but it is an extremely common yellowish stain that many Australians wish to avoid. If the color of your teeth is yellow or not, as bright and white as you would like them to be, don’t panic- there are several things you can do.  This blog from Dentistguidemaster covers the main causes of yellow and stained teeth, as well as what can be done to prevent it.

A Guide to Stained and Yellow Teeth

If teeth cleaning twice-daily is an important part of your dental care regime, you are helping to get rid of harmful bacteria and stubborn plaque accumulations on your gums and teeth. While an excellent routine of brushing your teeth can help you get a bright, white smile, sometimes teeth can still appear yellow. The good news is you can achieve a sparkling smile again if you say good bye certain habits. Use our guide to discover more about a few reasons your teeth become yellow or stained despite proper dental care.

Common Causes of Yellow Teeth

There are five most common causes of yellow teeth and how to prevent them.

1. Improper Oral Hygiene

A lack of proper oral hygiene is a fairly obvious cause of yellowing teeth. Forgetting to floss and brush your teeth can cause food debris and plaque to build up. Moreover, skipping professional teeth cleanings can allow stubborn yellow stains to start. People with bad oral hygiene are also prone to developing cavities and gum disease. Keep in mind that good oral hygiene is required for maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

2. The Natural Ageing Process

Don’t tell us that you already did not know about it. As with several other things related to your body, whether the colour of our teeth is white or not depends on your age. Several studies have pointed out that advancing age is one of the natural factors in the discoloration process of teeth. As a person gets older, his or her teeth naturally turn yellow.  This usually happens as the strong, while the outer protective layer of the teeth, known as dental enamel, breaks down over time due to many reasons. Thankfully, having yellow stained teeth is nothing to get worried about as far as your general health is concerned. So, it is a perfectly normal process but understandably pretty annoying.

3. Smoking

This one is a no-brainer. Tar, nicotine and other harmful chemicals present in tobacco products stain your teeth, leaving them yellowed. As a rule, smoking and using tobacco products are the worst things for your overall health. Aside from stubborn smoking stains on your teeth, there are other dental health issues associated with smoking, too.

4. Certain Beverages And Food

They may be mouth-watering, but tea, red wine, soda, coffee and some fruit juices can all do a number on the brightness and whiteness of your teeth thanks to their acidic nature. Even some healthy foods can have a staining effect on your teeth, including potatoes, citrus fruits, cherries, tomatoes, apples, raspberries, and beets. If you want to consume these drinks and food items occasionally, remember to rinse your mouth out with a cup of water afterwards.

5. Medications

Certain medications for high blood pressure or hypertension can reduce the production of saliva in the mouth, contributing to tooth staining. Antibiotics and antihistamines can also lead to teeth turning yellow. If you take any of these medications, it is important to talk to your healthcare provider about alternate solutions.

Prevention of Yellow Teeth

If you don’t want a yellow or dull smile, there are a few different ways to avoid this. 

  • Brush at least two times each day for two to three minutes each time to prevent yellow stains. 
  • Floss your teeth once a day. 
  • Say no to smoking. 
  • For stains, schedule an appointment with your dental professional in Australia and opt for teeth whitening treatment 
  • Limit the consumption of drinks and foods that cause yellowing.  
  • Follow a healthy diet with leafy veggies, fruits, nuts, and foods rich in fibre. 
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the entire day to remove food particles that cause tooth discolouration. 
  • Discuss all medications you are taking as well as your health-related problems with your dental professional.

The Bottom Line

Yellow teeth and other discoloration can often be fixed, so never settle for a dull smile that you are proud of. Call your dental professional in Australia to book an appointment today.