Understanding The Benefits Of Teledentistry

The Coronavirus crisis has forced several organisations and industries across the globe to prioritise and fast-track their digital transformation to continue offering their services. Employees are working from home, students and teachers have adopted remote teaching and learning, and dentist professionals have added an evolving dental service to their dental practice – teledentistry. In the times of the Covid-19 lockdown period, teledentistry played a vital role in helping dental professionals stay connected with dental patients while practising social distancing. Now that most countries have given dental clinics the green light to provide a full scope of their former services, dental practitioners have the opportunity to implement teledentistry into their dental practises. Continue reading to learn some of the many benefits of teledentistry.

What Exactly is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry sometimes referred to as virtual dentistry or online dental health care is the combination of telecommunication with dentistry. Teledentistry aims to provide dental patients with a broad range of solutions that they can receive from a distance. The virtual dental health care service has grown rapidly in the past few years, with more and more dental patients already taking advantage of this evolving dental service. Teledentistry also helps in offering easy consultation, dental care, education, awareness and next step actions. Because teledentistry allows easy and quick consultations, more and more dental professionals are starting to offer these virtual services.

What are the Benefits of Teledentistry?

With many dental practitioners and patients sticking to virtual dental care options during the Covid era, it is not hard to see how the adoption of this technology trend could continue to increase in the near future to provide the following benefits for both dentists and patients:

1. Improves Access to Oral Care

Home-bound dental patients, individuals in rural areas, and older adults may have trouble finding a dental professional. Teledentistry or virtual dental health care services have removed those barriers of distance, underserved dental patients can now have access to initial diagnosis from the comfort of their own homes. Teledentistry provides underserved populations with an opportunity connect with dental practitioner and discuss their dental problems. It also brings high-quality oral health care to underserved populations by allowing dental professionals to address any concerns and questions without the need for an in-personal dentist visit.

2. Reduces Costs

Conducting Teledentistry can reduce the overall cost of dental care and treatment. And, affordable oral health care services is something all dental patients are looking for, especially as dental healthcare costs overall continue to rise. On the whole, online dental consultations are cheaper than an in-person visit to the dentist’s clinic. Also, seeing a dental patient in person requires dental professionals to use a fresh set of valuable gloves, gowns, masks and not to mention valuable clinic time. It means that with Teledentistry, dental professionals can also see the cost savings. Seeing a patient remotely minimises costs associated with several resources, keeping costs down for dental professionals and patients.

3. Less Intimidating

Let’s face it: the idea of going to the dentist makes some patients nervous. If you also fear visiting a dental professional, teledentistry is for you! Conducting Teledentistry allows you to safely consult with a dental professional via video call on your smartphone or laptop. It allows you to talk with your dental practitioner, get dental check-up and even receive treatment. Besides, it is a great option for getting the required dental care in the comfort of your home, whether you want to avoid the waiting room or are just scared of going to the dentist. Additionally, unlike physical dental consultation, you can minimise the risk of exposing yourself to harmful germs in the dentist clinic, for instance, during the pandemic period.

4. Dental Hygiene Education

The scope of teledentistry is not limited to quick and easy dental consultation but also to spread awareness so that dental problems can be prevented in the first place. Implementation of teledentistry in dental practises can be very effective in educating individuals about the importance of good oral hygiene practices. Through virtual dental care services, young children can learn about the proper way of brushing and flossing regularly along with giving oral hygiene to parents and caregivers.

Over to the Readers

These were some of the benefits of teledentistry that have increased its usage across the globe. When implemented correctly, teledentistry or virtual dentistry could be a complete game-changer. With its several benefits, for dental professionals and patients alike, this technology trend is on the rise and is expected to become more and more popular in the dental industry.