Is It Safe To Get Teeth Cleaning During Covid-19?

There’s no denying that the novel coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. Like other sectors worldwide the dental health care sector has been dramatically impacted teeth cleaning during covid-19 pandemic period. This made it seem difficult when deciding what is safe and what is not, especially when considering going back to the dental professionals for cleaning and routine checkup. It is important to understand that dental health care is just as vital as always! With new safety and social distancing protocols implemented, to return for routine dental care.

Dental Checkup During Covid-19 Period- Is it Safe?

Due to the nature of how the deadly virus is transmitted, many individuals might be wondering is it safe to visit dental professionals for a teeth Cleaning During Covid-19 during this pandemic? While it is relatively safe and vital to go to the dentist for procedures like cleanings and routine dental checkups, that doesn’t mean risks of infection are not associated. They are dedicated to providing quality care while keeping their patients and staff members safe post-pandemic. Continue reading to learn how safe is teeth cleaning during covid-19 and what precautions dental professionals take to keep you safe at your next teeth cleaning procedure.

What Are the Risks Of Teeth Cleaning During Covid-19?

Because dental procedures like teeth cleaning during Covid-19 involve close dentist-patient contacts, the risks are high. With the use of dental tools and devices during the procedure the viral particles from the patient’s mouth like saliva and blood can be easily transferred in greater amounts to the dental workers themselves, thus putting them at higher risk of infection due to longer exposure. Of course, it goes without saying, there are also screening procedures during and before the visit, such as checking the temperature, the level of oxygen in your blood stream and going through the patient’s medical history. Needless to mention, patients won’t be able to wear surgical masks during the dental procedure, which can also make infection possible since the covid-19 virus spreads through respiratory droplets making its way through the eyes, nose and mouth.

What Are The Safety Measures?

Being aware of the mentioned risks beforehand can help you decide whether you should go to a dentist for a teeth cleaning. With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, stricter safety measures at the dental clinics have been exercised such as temperature checking, routine disinfection and social distancing on top of regular safety measures such as wearing protective gear like surgical masks, gloves, and eye gears. While many patients may still be hesitant to see the dental professional for the fear of contracting the deadly virus, it is not recommended to delay emergency dental procedures, and they are advised to schedule a prior appointment before visiting the dentist.

The Importance of Dental Cleaning

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has many individuals worrying about making unnecessary trips out of their homes, it’s still important to visit the dentist for your routine dental examinations and teeth cleaning during covid-19 visits. You might not come in contact with coronavirus, but postponing your dental teeth cleaning procedures and not having proper dental care can lead to other major health concerns such as infection, gum disease, which can lead to even more serious health conditions like lung and heart disease. 


As you can see, routine dental examinations and dental teeth cleaning during Covid-19 provide a positive foundation for dental health which greatly affects the overall health. It is important to continue visiting the dental professional during a pandemic. When you visit your dentist for a teeth cleaning during covid-19 pandemic, you can ensure that the benefits will be as amazing as ever.