How To Remove Milk Teeth Easily And Painlessly?

Also known as primary teeth, milk teeth typically appear anytime when a child is between 5-18 months and remain for only a short period. With time, the primary teeth are replaced with stronger, longer and bigger permanent adult teeth (secondary teeth). It is pretty common for some parents as well as their children to make a fun activity out of removing the loose milk teeth. Regardless, when the time comes for your kiddo to begin losing his primary teeth it’s important to know when it’s safe to remove milk teeth at home with minimum pain and effort. This blog discusses the best ways to pull out milk teeth at home. Let’s get started.

Why Do Children Begin To Lose Their Milk Teeth?

A child has 20 primary teeth (better known as baby teeth or milk teeth). When permanent teeth start appearing in a child’s mouth, primary teeth get prepared to move out of the way. The shedding process usually happens throughout childhood. Children typically begin discarding their first set of teeth (milk or baby teeth) around five to six years of age. Since every child is different, some may start losing their first milk tooth as early as four or five years of age, or as late as eight.

How To Make Remove Milk Teeth Easily And Painless?

If you notice that your little one has a wiggly loose baby tooth, the best thing you can do is to let it come out on its own. However, many parents may have the urge to take it out for their children. Well, you should only attempt to pull out a baby tooth once you are sure it is time for it to pull out. When you know that a loose tooth is ready to be pulled out, follow these given below tricks.

1. Wiggling

One of the easiest methods is to simply encourage your little one to keep wiggling the loos Remove Milk Teeth Easily around with washed fingers or with his tongue. Ask your child not to push too hard while moving or wiggling the loose tooth around, but this can be done at any time of day, anywhere until the tooth falls outs. However, your little one should not have any discomfort, and no shooting pain while doing it.

2. Flossing 

While regular flossing is one of best ways to keep the teeth clean, it can also help to remove a very loose tooth that cannot fall out on its own. Advise your little one to place a piece of dental floss between the loose tooth and the surrounding tooth. If the tooth is loose enough, ask your child to use a back-and-forth motion and curve the dental floss at the bottom of the tooth to pull it out.

3. Try Crunchy and Hard Foods 

You might also suggest that your little one bite on some crunchy and hard food items that can help out a loose tooth. Eating foods such as carrots, apples can help the loose or Remove Milk Teeth Easily. However, once again keep in mind that it is not hurting the gums and causing pain.

4. See Your Dental Professional

When all the above methods seem to fail and the loose tooth is causing pain and discomfort, take your child to a dental professional who can remove the annoying loose tooth with minimum pain using the right technique. The professional will use a mild anesthetic to make the tooth removal procedure completely painless.

Final Thoughts

In closing, if you think that pulling out or Remove Milk Teeth Easily is a complex task and may require some professional assistance, it’s best to visit a dental professional near you.