Indications That You Need An Emergency Dental Care

Everyone knows that regular dental checkups typically consist of routine dental cleanings and examinations. Well, it is good to have regular dental visits, but sometimes certain concerns arise that cannot wait until the next scheduled dental appointment and call for emergency dental care service. However, with various types of dental concerns, many individuals may be unsure whether a dental issue counts as a dental emergency. To help you determine when you need emergency dental assistance, this informative blog discusses the list of top clear signs of a dental emergency. 

A few Strong Reasons to Seek Emergency Dental Care

As already mentioned before, a dental emergency is termed as any kind of abnormality or irregularity in your gums, teeth, or mouth, that requires emergency dental care. The longer it remains unaddressed or unchecked, the more serious it becomes. But how to know if you have a serious dental problem and it is not something that can be delayed? Here are the top signs to know when to see an emergency dentist. 

1. You are Experiencing Gum Bleeding 

If you have noticed that your gums bleed every time after brushing, flossing or even after eating certain foods, it is a matter of serious concern and should not be taken lightly. Bleeding and painful gums is always a bad sign and indicate more serious dental problems like gum disease or gingivitis. Additionally, the state of your gums and teeth explains a lot about your dental health. Although it is pretty normal for gums to occasionally bleed after brushing and flossing, if the bleeding is constant, extreme and painful, it’s vital to see an emergency dentist as this issue is considered to be abnormal. A specialist may be your only hope for the treatment of bleeding and painful gums, so an emergency dental visit is of the utmost importance.

2. You have a Loose or Shaky Tooth

Even with proper dental hygiene and regular dental checkups, an adult tooth can become loose. So, if as an adult you feel one or more permanent loose teeth, you will want to visit see a dentist right away because it indicates you have an injury caused by trauma. This could also be a sign of severe underlying dental problems that need immediate medical attention or Emergency Dental Care Visit

3. You have a Swollen Mouth and Jaw

Swelling in the mouth or jaw can point to a salivary gland infection, swollen face, lymph nodes, and in many cases, it may be caused by a tumour or cyst. If left unchecked, the dental infection can spread to the bloodstream and cause more other severe health issues. If swelling along your jaw and mouth is coupled with fever or trouble swallowing or breathing, or bad taste, you should seek emergency dental care. The sooner a professional can examine your mouth, the greater the chance of avoiding further complications.

4. You have a Severe Toothache

Minor toothache is a troublesome dental disorder but somewhat bearable. Constant, sharp pain in your teeth on the flip side is not at all pleasant. Even though following good oral hygiene practices can help prevent minor toothache, if you are fighting a severe toothache for a long time, it could be a sign of a tooth or dental abscess or other serious hidden dental problems. A tooth abscess is a dental problem that is caused when harmful bacteria grow multiply faster than usual and destroy the surrounding tissues. That is why it is imperative to seek out immediate professional dental services. A dental professional can uncover the root cause behind your toothache and treat it effectively.

5. You have a Cracked or Chipped Tooth

A cracked or chipped tooth is a serious dental problem that should not be overlooked. Whether it is due to trauma or any other reason, an emergency dental professional is your best defense. It can increase tooth sensitivity to extreme cold or hot, cause extreme pain and provide an opening for harmful bacteria to start a serious dental infection inside it. It may also lead to extreme pain and worse symptoms if left untreated. If you feel you have a cracked or broken tooth, you should visit a dentist for emergency dental care as soon as possible.

6. You have Got Constant Headaches

There can be a number of reasons behind your headaches- you may be sick, or stressed. But, if you notice an unexplained, persistent, and severe headache throughout the day especially in the forehead area and behind the eyes, it could be an indication of an underlying dental infection caused by an untreated dental problem. Dental professionals deal with more than just your gums, teeth and mouth. An extreme headache is also a emergency dental care since it may be an indication of a larger dental issue. See your emergency dental professional as soon as possible.

7. You have got Something Stuck in your Teeth

When something gets stuck under your gum or in your teeth for an extended period, it is much more than just an inconvenience. However, it is alluring to try and take it out as soon as possible. However, you should never use a sharp object such as a fork to remove the stuck item as it can severely damage your gums and cause countless and dental disorders. Instead, brushing or flossing is a good idea. However, if that doesn’t help, it is important to seek urgent dental care as soon as possible.

The Final Note

If you are experiencing any dental disorders or issues that require professional treatment immediately in order to save your tooth, reduce tooth pain, or prevent gum bleeding and more is considered a dental emergency. So, don’t hesitate to seek emergency dental care with your nearest dental professional. Early disclosure of any such concerns is imperative for your dental health and overall wellbeing.