How to Maintain the Teeth Straight After Braces

Having a perfectly aligned, beautiful smile after removing your braces is an unforgettable experience. After all, the orthodontic treatment that you have gone through has paid off with a perfectly straight smile! Now you have finally achieved that beautiful smile you have always dreamt of after many months of treatment. Seeing your new and striking smile can make you feel on top of the world! But how can you keep your smile as beautiful and straight as possible for life? Fortunately, by following some helpful tips you can keep your teeth straight after braces, and continue to enjoy your impressive straight smile.

What can be done to Maintain Perfectly Straight Teeth?

It was a very long journey, and your braces required a lot of effort, time, investment and above all patience, so you want to make sure that your smile looks at its best once the braces are removed. Follow these helpful tips to keep your teeth straight after braces and make healthy after braces for years to come, and your efforts don’t have to go to waste.

1. Wear your Retainer

One of the greatest tips you can follow to keep your teeth straight after braces are removed is to wear your retainers as directed by the orthodontist. The specialist will instruct you about how to wear and care for the retainers. Because teeth have a natural tendency to move back to their original position during the first few weeks and months after braces are removed, the retainers are usually placed on the top and bottom teeth to keep them from shifting. Your orthodontist will provide you with specific instructions to wear them for at least 6 months, and then just during the night only.

2. Take Good Care of Your Teeth

It is recommended to follow excellent oral practices while wearing braces, but it is equally important to maintain an optimal oral hygiene routine even when the braces come off. Creating good habits like brushing and flossing at least twice a day preferably after meals and using proper brushing methods is the best way to maintain proper oral health.

3. Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

Scheduling regular dental appointments is one of the most helpful tips to keep teeth straight and your smile cheerful after braces are taken off. Visit your dentist for check-ups and cleaning appointments once every six months. These dental appointments provide cleanings to remove tartar and plaque build ups. The dentist will examine the current condition of your teeth for any movement or shifting. Furthermore, regular checkups are important to track your smile over time and spot any issues that might come up. The sooner any dental issues are spotted, the quicker treatment can start to safeguard your post-braces smile.

Wrap up

Taking care of your teeth after installing the braces, although it can be a tough job, is critical to your oral health and continues to be imperative after your braces are removed. Follow the above stated helpful tips to keep teeth straight and you will enjoy your bright, healthy, and beautiful smile for years to come!