Top 5 Awesome Tooth Fairy Ideas for Parents

Let’s face it, the tooth fairy is one of those fascinating traditions of the early years that a child always remembers. Whether it is a couple of dollars or a small gift under the pillow, young children are always excited to see what the tooth fairy leaves behind on her visits. A Tooth Fairy visit is an interesting way for parents and children to celebrate the milestone of losing a primary tooth. In this informative blog from Dentistguidemaster, let’s go through a few fun and gorgeous tooth fairy ideas (inexpensive and simple) for your little ones. You are going to love these ideas!

Creative & Gorgeous Tooth Fairy Ideas

If your little one is getting to the age where they are starting to lose their pearly whites, you know how excited they will be over the tooth fairy visits. If you have been looking for fun ideas to lift your Tooth Fairy game, we have got you covered! Listed below are the few awesome blossom tooth fairy ideas you can use to create beautiful memories with your little one!

1. A Creative Coupon

A creative coupon is one of the sweetest ideas to get creative with the tooth fairy. Maybe your little one is a fan of something specific, like a favorite candy store or local children’s water park; consider having a tooth fairy gives them a coupon for whatever their tiny heart wants. This might take some of your effort and time; it is totally worth it. Creative coupons are awesome tooth fairy ideas that will surprise your kiddo and make them delighted to know that the fairy knows something personal about them.

2. A Tooth Fairy Door

It is impossible for the tooth fairy to complete her gift or tooth exchange so she does not have a way to enter your little’s one room!  So, giving the tooth fairy a magical door to come through is one of the best solutions.  All you have to do is to buy a tiny dollhouse online or from a craft store and your little one can paint his or her favorite color on it. There’s something about fairy doors that feels extra valuable.

3. A Cute Tiny Tooth Box

Does your little one need a bit more convincing? If so, then an awesome way to make sure the precious tooth does not get lost is to place it in a tooth box. While it may not be for all teeth, it may be perfect for the first lost baby tooth. All you need is to get fancy with it. You can decorate or paint the tooth box to make it look even cuter, and leave the box with the tooth on your little one’s dresser at night for the tooth fairy. When the tooth fairy comes, she will take the tooth and leave the reward in the box. What do you think about this tooth fairy idea, adorable?

4. A Tiny Letter

One of the best ways to add a personal touch on the first visit to the tooth fairy is with a tiny tooth fairy letter. Your little one’s teeth are tiny! Tooth fairies are also tiny with teeny tiny hands! So, it makes perfect sense that the fairy would leave a tiny letter for your child in return. Make sure you personalize it, as it is always meaningful to see your own name written down in letters with tiny letters. Also, include personal details that no one else would know! This will definitely make your little one feel special. If your little one has already left the precious tooth under the pillow, you could put the letter there too. In the morning, your little one will be charmed to find a tiny handwritten letter from the fairy!

5. Tooth-Friendly Gifts

Want to go that one step further to create a bit of magic around your little one’s lost tooth or teeth? If yes, then say yes to some tooth friendly gifts! Your little one would be super-excited to find these smile-related gifts on their dressers. Incorporate things that encourage awesome dental hygiene like kid-friendly toothpaste, a cute toothbrush, and new dental floss. When these dental care products come directly from the fairy as a reward, it can make your little one more motivated, and put them to proper use.

The Bottom Line

We hope our tooth fairy ideas will help parents make the process of their kiddos losing their baby teeth exciting and fun.  Such cute tooth fairy ideas go a long way with your little ones. To make sure the Tooth Fairy collects primary teeth that are in good shape, book an appointment with a paediatric dentist today! Do you have other awesome tooth fairy ideas? If yes, then drop them in the comments! For more oral-health related blogs, stay tuned to