The Benefits Of Wearing A Night Guard To Sleep

Have you woken up with a chronic headache, sore jaw or sensitive teeth? Have you ever been told by your family members or partner that you grind or clench your teeth at night? Unfortunately, most individuals don’t realise how bad their oral health can be affected by constant night time clenching and grinding. Thankfully, there is a perfect solution that can help your jaw muscles relax and protect your teeth from clenching or […]

Dental Plaque: Primary Causes, Removal And Prevention

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits is not just important for freshening your breath after meals. It is very common to hear about dental plaque removal products available in the market or about the importance of everyday brushing and flossing, but what exactly is dental plaque? Continue reading this blog post to understand what dental plaque is, what are its main causes, and how […]

Understanding The Benefits Of Teledentistry

The Coronavirus crisis has forced several organisations and industries across the globe to prioritise and fast-track their digital transformation to continue offering their services. Employees are working from home, students and teachers have adopted remote teaching and learning, and dentist professionals have added an evolving dental service to their dental practice – teledentistry. In the times […]