What Foods to Eat After Dental Surgery?

Whether you have just had your wisdom tooth extracted or got new implants embedded or went through any other dental surgery, the foods you eat for the first few days following the dental work can significantly impact your recovery and healing. Therefore, it is important to stick with ideal soft foods especially ones that are nutritious and filling that won’t cause discomfort or complicate the healing process. This blog brings you an extensive list of best soft foods you can eat while recovering from most types of dental work or dental surgery.

Safest Best Foods After Dental Surgery

Any type of dental surgery or dental work can be difficult on patients. But the good news is with a little preparation, you can have a good experience and a speedy complete recovery. So, in order to feel better and have speedy recovery, you need to maintain a nutritious, soft food diet and follow your dental professional’s post-treatment care directions. For anyone who has undergone any dental procedure we have compiled a list of foods that are safe to eat after dental work.

1. Blended Soups

Probably one of the healthiest food choices for post-op dental patients is blended soup. Classic blended soups such as pumpkin and tomato soups contain any solid foods and are delicious, easy to consume. Blended soups are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly. Also, they are great options that help keep your body hydrated for longer time. And, if you are recovering from an oral surgery, allow the soup to cool down before having it. Consuming hot foods can irritate the surgical site and make recovery take longer.

2. Smoothies

Smoothies are another go-to solution for many patients while they are recovering from dental surgery. They are considered the perfect choice after surgery when you are unable to chew on solid foods. Easy to prepare, you can customise smoothie ingredients by adding different veggies, yoghurt or fruits to meet your nutritional goals and suit your tastes. Smoothies make a great breakfast option that helps dental patients meet the recommended daily nutrition levels after the dental treatment. However, be sure you avoid the use of a straw when drinking a smoothie.

3. Vegetables And Fruits

Canned fruits and well-cooked veggies are great food choices after dental surgery. Additionally, soft veggies and fruits that are easy to chew and swallow like mashed potatoes, bodied sweet potatoes, baked apples, bananas, and properly cooked spinach provide all of the dietary nutrients and vitamins you need to be healthy. Adding all of these fruits and veggies in your post-surgery diet can help prevent discomfort and aid the recovery process.

4. Eggs

Yes, you heard it right! High in protein and loaded with different minerals and vitamins, eggs are great food options to stock up on if you are getting oral surgery. To get a daily dose of protein, a plate of a scrambled eggs could do the trick. The soft dish is yummy, requires little chewing and can be filling, and that makes them a healthy breakfast option following your oral surgery.  Try to keep the spices to a minimum since they can irritate the surgical site. Additionally, once the surgical site is healed properly and you will be able to resume normal eating as usual, you can try other styles like fried or hard-boiled. 

5. Soft Dairy Foods

Many soft dairy foods make it an ideal choice for patients recovering from oral surgery. These include plain ice cream, yoghurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, milkshakes, mild cheese, and milk. These soft dairy foods are an excellent source of nutrition after undergoing a dental procedure. The best part is you won’t have to use your teeth to consume either of these. These foods are also extremely soft and gentle on tender mouths. Adding these dairy foods into your diet post-surgery can lead to a much smoother recovery.

The Bottom Line

And there you have it, our inclusive list of top 5 best and safest foods you should eat after a dental surgery to speed up your recovery period and promote healing process. Although it is totally normal to feel some pain and discomfort after dental surgery, your recovery can be more effective if you consume the right foods and beverages. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with your dental professional for any further questions.